Tell The Stories to The World

One of the reason, our brand exist is to tell the stories of our partners & clients to the world and be an inspiration.

Delivering High Quality Media For You


Helping the clients to produce top quality result that can be enjoyed by the customer. We believe this can be achieve by great cooperation from clients and our side. Our main task is to deliver stories about your idea.

Sound Design   

Building on our experience and passion for audio design and finishing, we excel in audio post production for film, television, video games, and VR.

Digital Media   

We give your videos that added Oomph! with the help of motion graphics, animation and a variety of editing styles. We get your story across with moving visuals that captivate your audience in the best way possible.

Meet Our Respectful Clients

We are proudly presents our respective client that we works together to deliver their stories to the world.